Saturday, April 9, 2011

WANTED: Friend (possibly of the furry persuasion..)

I think I’m well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady.  Am I allergic to cats?  Why, yes.  I am.  But you know what?  I never have had a cat turn their back on me.  Miss Kitty was my greatest companion.  She got me through some of the darkest times in my life.  She actually was around for every single relationship I’ve ever had.  She was always there if I was upset and wouldn’t leave my side until I was better and my tears had dried.  She was insanely sensitive and compassionate, which I know to a lot of people sounds stupid or insane, but it was true.  Ask any of my family members.  I miss her to pieces.  It’s really hard for me to talk about her because of how much she really meant to me.  I know finding another cat like her will be hard and probably near impossible, but I’d like to try. 

Miss Kitty - The most amazing cat who ever was.
I get lonely.  I completely understand the need for companionship now that I’ve moved and my only best friends are 5 hours away.  I talk to my two best friends daily via the internets, but I don’t get to go hang out with them regularly or grab dinner or drinks or go get my nails done with them or hang in with a bottle of wine and watch a movie.  I do these things with Dan daily (not the bottle of wine), but friendship and companionship other than your relationship is necessary (as I’m definitely feeling tonight).

Scottish Fold kitty
Part of me is incredibly depressed about recent happenings (and by recent, I mean months of building and a few days of imploding).  I’m really sad that friends I thought I had been there for have seemingly disappeared or neglected to keep in touch or worry about my wellbeing or be there for me in my times of need (which I’ve had lots of since moving).  And part of me is glad to finally be aware that there are people I simply can’t rely on so I don’t continue to get my feelings hurt or hopes up.  And by the same token, I’m happy to know that I do have a couple of friends who have become even closer and more supportive of me since I’ve made the move out to Connecticut.  It’s an odd place to be in.  It’s an odd mix of emotions.  It’s me being down and wounded and incredibly hurt, but then that “force the glass to be half-full” part of me kicks in and thinks about the silver lining…  Look at the friends you do have that are incredible and send you letters in the mail just because or drove from Ohio or Pennsylvania to come see you because they simply missed you, or who make it a point to ask me daily or weekly how the fuck I’m doing up here…  Those people are important and those seemingly simple instances are beyond important to me.  They are the only things that keep me going sometimes.
Another Scottish Fold

My mother has always said that a relationship should be icing on the cake—not the whole cake, and she’s right.  My relationship is amazing and I’m incredibly thankful for Dan and he is easily my best friend.  But a life should be well rounded and balanced.  I’m still struggling to find that balance up here, I guess. 

Back to the cat thing…  Wednesday, I finally bought a new couch…  My first REAL grown up purchase (I’m still driving the car I drove in high school).  I don’t think I could have a cat de-clawed…  and that couch was not cheap… 

Any other pet ideas?  Dogs are too needy and rats don’t care all that much when I’m down and out…  Hmmm…


P.S.  I'm obsessed with Scottish Fold kitties.  They look like little owls.  Don't you think adding them to this slightly depressing post brightens everything right up??  I may do this more often in the future.  ;-)


  1. I was under the impression that you thought owls were creepy. I'm not a fan of Scottish Folds because cute little perky ears are usually my favorite part of a cat. Do you know Maru? Supposedly a fold but his ears look normal...

    Maybe you could get a slow loris :)

    I hope all is going well with the new place. Keep your chin up, lady! <3

  2. Oh, Sophie-- how I wish you lived closer. I am a little freaked out by owls (amazing you took note of that). But for some reason I adore these cats. I think it's the eyes of owls that get me...

    I ADORE Maru.

    I talk about getting a slow loris daily. Dan's not that into the idea, but we've made up a whole story about the slow loris I would get and how it would be a cannibal and only eat other slow lorises and how it would get incredibly expensive. :)

    The new place is RIDICULOUS. I can't wait til you guys visit and get to see it. We have a whole separate guest bedroom, now, so you guys will be comfy. :)

    Hope all is well on your end. xo

  3. ^__^ Do goats' eyes freak you out? I love goats but I think their eyes are kinda spooky.

    I would love to have a cat just like Maru, personality and all. My only problem with animals is that they poop. Also when they're small they die kinda fast.......

    Hmm, slow lorises that would only eat other slow lorises... Someone should make a Battle Royale movie with slow lorises.

    Pics of the new place!! Where are you in the furnishing/decorating process?

  4. No... I haven't really noticed anything freaky about goat eyes. In fact, I find them quite adorable as a package. I'll pay closer attention to the eyes next time and let you know...

    Maru is perfect. I'm in love with Maru.

    And people poop, too. Do you want children? That could be a problem in the future if so...

    I just posted a buncha pics of the new place on fb last night. I'll do a post on the blog soon. :) There's lots left to be done, but it's a start!

  5. Goat eyes:

    People poop in toilets though. There's that training period when they're not quite what I consider functional human beings yet, but that's okay because it ends eventually...I hope.

    I'm about to check out the blog post. I'm not on Facebook anymore :)

  6. ACK! ACK!! ACK!!!!!

    I NEVER noticed goat eyes! They're TERRIFYING! Like owl and shark eyes. Jesus... That's insane. Really. Yikes...

    Cats eventually poop in boxes. I know cleaning cat litter isn't fun by any means... but at least they don't poop all over the place... all the time...

    I know you aren't on fb. It makes me sad. But at least we have our blogs. :)

  7. I've petted many a goat and only recently discovered the horrible truth about their eyes.

    I volunteered at a pet adoption center once. So many cats, so much litter... so much diarrhea sometimes! There was a whole 'sick cat' section. Eep.

    I quit Facebook and Twitter at the same time... strangely, I missed Twitter but not Facebook. Blogs are good. Blogs are real good :D

  8. Baaahahahaha. "Petted many a goat" made me LOL. Fo real. Haha. God... It's been since I was a child that I was ever close enough to pet a goat or see it's terrible evil eyes, but thanks to your link, I'm more than aware. Consider me goat-a-phobic.

    This still, however, will remain my favorite internet video of all time: It makes me cry, I laugh so hard at it.

    That makes sense, now. If I had to clean up that much cat mess, I'd be anti-pets, too. Yuck...

    I've been really bad about twitter lately. It used to be the place (and still is when I think of it) where I share more intimate details of how I'm feeling since the only people who follow me are people I know and approve. But sometimes, because I follow so many people (musicians, comedians, etc.), it gets overwhelming and I always felt like I was catching up or missing shit. Me and my stupid anxieties. Ah, well.

  9. Hahaha, aww poor goat! This is my favorite internet goat:

    I'm actually not anti-pets... I've already asked Jason for every animal under the sun, including a pony that eats roses and cream cakes.

    I know what you mean about catching up on updates and missing shit... One of the reasons why I quit Facebook was because it was eating up all of my time; I felt the need to catch up on all the updates since the last time I logged on. It's easier with Twitter because I follow fewer people.

  10. I can't even... that goat... I need it in my life. TODAY. Oh my god, I would never be sad again!

    I keep asking for all pets, too. Still haven't gotten any.

    I'm like a hoarder on twitter. I can't delete people because I feel like the day I do, they will say something that would have changed my life! Or I'll miss out on a ticket pre-sale or something! God, I need help.