Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bird's Nest: Round 2 - Bath

Adriana shower curtain by Badgley Mischka
Before our first visitor to the new apartment (ELI!!!) came in from California, I wanted two things to be done.  I wanted a new couch (check) and a shower curtain.  Luckily, the curtain came in a few days before Eli arrived, so I won!  (Here's the curtain(s) we went with, Sophie.)

Our tub is basically like a free-standing tub that's against the wall, if that makes any sense-- so we had to get two curtains to cover it all.  It's got a victorian type pattern, so the accent I went with was a deep red for the mats.  I FINALLY ordered a bunch of Killhouettes that I plan on hanging in there.  We already bought the frames for them, now just waiting on delivery.  :)

We went to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond for toothbrush holders, but found nothing we liked, so while going through our glasses to find a pint glass to use temporarily, I saw my brass knuckle coffee mug that the lovely Emily (Clinton) Martin sent me in CT.  :-D  It's PERFECT and this way, I get to see it every day.

I'm really enjoying being here in this apartment.  It's just fun to slowly piece it together.  Dan came home with cool gray picture frames today from Target that I'll be adding to the gray/yellow living room decor.  He also bought a ton of frames for all those awesome prints he got from Print Mafia.  I can't wait til we get all the artwork on the walls.  It's odd having bare walls, now.

Brass knuckle coffee mug/toothbrush holder
Aside from the decor updates, the only other updates I have are that I finally caved and tried on of those UV gel manicures...  So far it's staying on pretty damn well.  I've had it since Friday evening and I do have 3 chips, but they're tiny.  Nothing like the normal paint, and to be fair, I did do some scrubbing and cleaning and moving boxes Friday night preparing for Eli's visit...  I'll keep you updated on how long it lasts and if it was worth the (doubled!) price tag.

Aaaaand that I plan on doing a little car shopping very soon.  (Probably do some test-driving this weekend).  Very exciting and very scary, but it needs to be done, dammit.

I wish Eli didn't have to go back to California.  I miss him so fucking much...  He's such a good friend.  I'm so glad I ever got to meet him.  He's one of those rare gems.  He will always be a bestie.

Anyhoo, gearing up for another work-crazed week.  Hoping it goes semi-smoothly...  Stress hasn't been setting well with me lately... Hope everyone else is stress-free and calm.


I'm thanking Pandora once again for the song I've added for this post, "If Ever There's A Reason" by Derby.  I'm into catchy folky shit right now.  I don't know why.  It just makes me happy.  So there.

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  1. That shower curtain is beautiful!