Friday, July 6, 2012

Happier Times

Since I know I have at least one blog reader who keeps up with my posts, I guess I'll update.  ;-)

So much of what was ailing me during my last post has faded.  A big chunk of that being the chronic pain I last wrote about.  I went to a new specialist to get a second opinion on my endometriosis.  The pain had gotten to the point that I was ready to try the reversible menopause shot treatments (highly toxic) that I had always been against or to have the serious discussion about if it were time to start "trying" before removing my lady innards.

My new doctor checked me over and said nothing looked right and things weren't adding up.  To most people this would probably be bad news, but for me it was instant relief.  You've gotta understand that I spent 7 months in intense pain, going to appointment after appointment being told everything "looked fine."  I really started to feel crazy.

My new doc told me she could remove my IUD since it clearly wasn't doing what it was supposed to, or leave it in for the MRI she wanted me to have regardless to see if it was in fact in the "right place."  The "right place" isn't just anywhere inside my uterus, as my previous doctor kept reaffirming, but instead - in the middle of the uterus.  Not dug into the right wall of my uterus.  She told me they couldn't tell with an ultrasound, but the MRI would show exactly where it was, OR I would know if she were to take it out in a matter of days because the pain would go away.  I told her the only reason I had it was to make me stop having my cycle, but I had bled every day for 7 months since I had it put in, so she could feel free to take it out.

It was removed and with that, my right-sided pain that I was taking heavy medications for was lifted along with my hope and general outlook on life.

My new doctor has a plan for me and we have "backup" for when the endo comes back.  Things are looking up and she has renewed my faith in someday feeling mostly pain-free.

On top of that, I became engaged!  April 29th, Dan set up an incredibly massive surprise for me in our apartment.  I came home from a bridal shower to an empty driveway and a note on the door telling me he had to run out, but to enjoy my surprise inside.

I guess this is where it became blatantly obvious that I'm a very lucky gal, because I thought nothing of the sweet card on the door or hanging notes inside at first.  Dan does very sweet, romantic things for me often, and I honestly didn't know what was going on until the "lets be together forever" note and seeing the new mix CD hanging from the last string.  Pressing play, as instructed to do so by another note, prompted audio from Disney's version of Robin Hood to begin playing (we watched that together our first sleepover - he put it on without knowing it's one of my all-time faves from childhood).  That's when I really knew and I broke down and sobbed into my hands as I heard Little John telling Robin, "what are you waiting for?  Just marry the girl, already!"

While crying into my hands I realized there's no way Dan could have left me to go through this alone, so I turned around and there he was, down on one knee with a ring.  I couldn't see the ring because of all the crying, but after about a million, "is this for real?  Is this a joke?"s, I of course said yes.

The ring is just perfect for me.  Rose gold with rubies and a beautiful diamond.  Classic and unique.  I adore it.  Inside it reads, "Now and forever, Rabbit."

Planning the wedding has been mostly a pleasure thus far.  I have my dress and my bridesmaids and I'm ready to go.  :)

It was about time for a happy post, eh?