About Me.

My life runs on ETID and Dunkin'.
Editor.  Animator.  Wino.

I relocated to Connecticut from Baltimore, MD in August 2010.  I have found myself on a roller-coaster of emotions since I started toying with the idea of moving.

I spent the previous 10 years in Baltimore going to college, graduating, and building my career and life.  The decision to move from the only state I've ever lived in and my beloved Charm City was not an easy one.  I am very close with my family and friends and they all happen to reside in Maryland.

My boyfriend was relocating to begin his career and I had to decide.  Since I'm young(ish) with nothing (but a sweet career) tying me down, I decided to make the leap.  Not to mention I'm pretty attached to the love of my life...  So I jumped.

After moving, I had to deal with the ups and downs of being away from everything that I've ever known, finding a new job, etc.  You don't realize how hard it is to make new friends in your late 20's if you're not working in some sort of city surrounded by bars for happy hour...  Things weren't easy.

Scanning the floors and finding myself (or my Chuck Taylors) in a sea of Birkenstocks.  What had I done?

I found myself slipping away.  I was terrified I had made a mistake as and started talking to a good friend of mine from Baltimore about my situation.  She told me that I had to stay positive.  She told me it would be silly of me to give up after not even being here for a year.  She told me to buy an Om Bracelet.  Because of the amazing energy this gal puts off, I was willing to take any advice she was offering up.

I decided to start my journey towards positivity.  Instead of my constant pessimistic outlook clouding every new turn I was making, I decided to make a serious effort to stay positive while trying to make a home for myself here in this new and scary place.

To give me a swift kick in the ass, I decided to start this blog.  I'm not allowing negative thoughts (or trying very hard, anyway) to pop up here.  Even when I'm miserable, I am forcing myself to write about something that makes me happy.  And you know what?  It's been helping.

As long as it keeps helping (and keeps me inspired by forcing me to scour the internets for artistic, positive and all around amazing finds to write about), I'll keep writing, drawing, photographing, and reporting.

I don't really care if anyone ends up ever reading this...  I don't know if anyone else will get anything from my posts.  If they did, I'd be ecstatic, but in the end, it's my journey and my journal.