Monday, April 11, 2011

The Bird's Nest: Round 1

I know I've been posting non-stop about my new apartment and it's not going to end anytime soon...  I really adore it and I love it more and more every time I get one more piece for it or find one new detail in the 1930's architecture of it like the coffered ceiling or the sweet bathroom mirror/medicine cabinet.

Our new couch arrived on Saturday.  We finally bit the bullet and went with a beautiful sectional from Raymour & Flanigan.  If you're ever in the market for some sweet furniture that will last you a good 10 years, and you happen to be in CT, I highly suggest visiting Darrin at R&F.  He's honestly a huge part of the reason we went with them and this couch.  Not only is the couch amazing and sexy and comfy, but the salesman was the nicest guy ever and really hooked us up.  The couch was double what we set out to pay, but after the multiple rounds at several different furniture shops and the insane characters we encountered, we wanted to give our money to Darrin.  I kid you not-- one saleswoman looked like a sad 60+ year old muppet who had smoked and tanned every day of her entire life and had her wrinkled, saggy, tits almost entirely hanging out of her way-too-low-cut shirt with a cleavage that looked like a crater had landed there...  She proceeded to tell us about her fiancee and her fashion and interior design preferences without smiling once...  The longer the muppet ran on, and the more I looked at the couch we originally liked when we saw it upon entering that store, the more the couch turned into a shitty, cheap, crushed velvet lounge sofa (not in the good way) that would be living in a trailer in Nowhere, West Virginia.

Knowing I'm doing the living room in gray and yellow, my parents sent us a massive and beautiful arrangement of tulips, bells of ireland and fantailed pussy willows intertwined.  It really makes me want to keep fresh flowers around all the time...  I'm not naive enough to believe I'll ever keep that up...

And our sunroom is just awesome.  I have no idea what I'll end up doing with it, yet, but for now we have some chairs in there that make it a nice little escape from TV.

I also finally hung my birdcage curtains in our kitchen.  I love them.  Everything about the apartment so far has just been awesome.  Ikea was good to us (as always) and I see many more trips in my future.  :)

Things are looking up at the LampShaw Homestead (That's it's foursquare name...  "square" is right...)  Decor is in full effect.

Aside from all the money I've been spending making our apartment beautiful, I have been doing some other retail therapy which will probably be what my next post is about...  Presents for myself, and presents for others.  Sometimes, ya just gotta buy shit that's pretty, dammit.


Sorry...  I realized that every so often, it makes me REALLY happy to sing as LOUD as possible to Dashboard Confessional while driving...  I did this recently, so that's why the song made the playlist for the post.  It just makes me damn happy...


  1. Wow, that's one nice couch! Also love: the chair by the fireplace, the lamp behind the couch, and the bathroom mirror/medicine cabinet. And those curtains... the happiest curtains I've ever seen!

    +1 about buying pretty shit

  2. The chair by the fireplace is one of 4 Dan's mom got us free from a friend who was GIVING them away. Can you believe that shit?? So, we are buying a black dining table, using those as 4 chairs then eventually will by two funkier chairs for the heads of the table. :) I'm having a blast decorating this place.

    Those curtains are insanely happy. I love them. Urban Outfitters used to have a shower curtain of it, too. Such an awesome print. :) Glad you likey. Can't wait for you guys to come visit. Hopefully we'll have the guest room done by then. :)

    I'll keep posting as progress is made.

  3. You know, I thought about a shower curtain with the bird cage motif, but then I had thoughts of the birds going crazy, the cages swinging violently, and the birds eventually escaping and attacking me in the shower.

    But um, black dining table sounds niiiiice...

  4. Hahahaha. I fell in love with this shower curtain (includes a bird, but so, so much more) and even though $63.26 is pricey, it's better than the original $125 (how much it is everywhere else). I would have gotten it even at the amazon price because it makes me so happy- the colors, the patterns- but the problem is: we need two. Our new tub/shower is massive and semi-free-standing, so we'd need two. There's no way I could swing that for freakin' shower curtains. :-/

    Yeah. I'm hoping to do bold black white and teal accents for the dining room... eventually. :) No table, yet.

  5. That's really pretty but goddamn! I already feel bad when I pay over $10 bucks for a shower curtain so that...

  6. I know, I know-- but here's the thing. I've started to really try to make my place somewhere that I'm happy to be in. I shower every day, so seeing something in there that makes me smile and happy every day is worth it to me. It's not like you change out shower curtains often... or at least, I don't. So I figure it's kinda worth it in some ways. But not that one. Too much, indeed.

    I'll send you a pic of the one we went with once it's up. :)