Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dress Your Nest!

As you know, we're moving on Friday/Saturday to our new place.  It's MASSIVE and we just don't have enough stuff (or cool enough stuff) for this space.  I've been looking around online for inspiration for my new nest since I want to change up the decor from our current place...  (less bachelor-pad-ish... ahem...)

Dwell Studio Fabric
Apartment Therapy is making me drool.  It's inspired me to spend a little dough on some rad new pieces (new couch since we spend so much time on it) but also to go digging around at antique shops and thrift stores for cool older pieces we can spiff up.  Also, Dan's mom found some awesome old school chairs (4 of them - BLACK - with AWESOME backs to them) for us.  Someone was giving them away and she snatched them up knowing our taste!  I'm totally excited.

I also plan on buying a sewing machine (there's two for sale at the thrift store for $20 a piece) so that I can make my own accent pillows and curtains.  I mean, I'm not paying $65 fucking bones for a small pillow to throw on the couch.  Not happening.  And with the fabric I found at Dwell Studio, it will be cheap AND sexy.  Mmhm.

"KISS the Girls" Print Mafia
Anyway.  My new "adult" taste says neutrals with pops of color.  Same as my ever-changing wardrobe.  Dan and I have funky taste in artwork, so we have plenty of fun pieces to hang up (see: lots of prints from Print Mafia like my "KISS the Girls" print!), but I think we can be a little more grown up with our furniture and textiles to add a more grown-up edge to our place.

ALSO, if you know me, you probably know about my little secret websites I frequent for sweet deals on high-end shit (Gilt Group, Rue La La, Haute Look and Ideeli which all have tons of fashion and accessory deals, but also home decor stuff) but today I found a new one approaching for JUST home furnishings and decor.  It's called FAB and it sounds like it's going to be just that.  I'm stoked.

If the discounts on the furniture are anything like the discounts on my fashion sites, I'll be getting some sweet sexy stuff for supa cheap.  Awesome.

Anyway, I am getting amped up on getting to be creative and build a homey home.  Any thoughts or places I should be looking for affordable and rad decor stuff??  I'm all ears!


Speaking of ears-- Make yours happy by giving a listen to this Greenhornes song I added - "There is an End."  Man...  I love their sound.  My Pandora plays them a lot and I love them.  This song always reminds me of Jefferson Airplane for some reason.  I DIG DIG DIG!!!

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  1. Don't forget flea markets! That Greenhornes song is beautiful. It's got this awesome retro feel to it.