Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving on.

Today I was talking to a co-worker about moving.  It hit me.  It’s less than a month away.

I’ve been in Connecticut for half a year, and our cute little railroad apartment has done its job wonderfully.  Dan had to move up before me, I didn’t know where I would be working once I did move, and Dan needed a place he could afford on his own while I was still in Baltimore.  Our little apartment did all of those things for us.

It also was the place we fell deeper in love and strengthened our friendship and relationship.  It’s the place where Dan became my best friend (without question) and the place where I finally found the happiness that I’ve been searching for most of my life.  A place that was terrifying at first and I saw as, “Dan’s apartment,” slowly became our home.   It’s a place where I grew up more than I have in all my 27 years.  The first place I bought real furniture for.  It ended up being the place I’ve become most comfortable in my own skin, and the place that I’ve come to realize I’ve made all the right decisions thus far.  Bold statements, huh?

Built in cabinet full of our toys

 It’s also the place with no dishwasher, a coin-operated (tiny) washer/dryer that I have to go OUTSIDE to get to, no AC, steep driveway I can’t get my car up in the snow, an upstairs neighbor with bass that rhythmically vibrates my bed til the wee hours in the morning (weekend or school night, alike), and hardly any counter space in the kitchen but I digress…  (I have to keep reminding myself of these things or else, I’ll never leave!)

"Summer Slashers" Series by Electric Zombie
This apartment will always hold so many memories for me.  Good and bad, but mostly good.  I have shed so many tears in this apartment, but they have all dried up and I’ve settled into my new life nicely.  From the artwork collection we’ve established lining the walls, to the dark brown carpet, I’ve come to know this cozy little place as “home”, but we’ve grown up a lot in these past 6 months.  We now know where we’re working, we know what we need and want, and for both of us, it’s still each other, so we’ve decided to move on.

The new apartment is far bigger, with tons of room for visitors (a WHOLE massive guest bedroom - ahem), dinner parties, hell, even roller-skating if we wanted.  The kitchen is massive and there’s SO much space everywhere.  New space for new memories. 

Most importantly, the apartment is within walking distance of lots of fun bars and restaurants and a big beautiful park with a stunning rose garden.  The surrounding area was truly the biggest factor when we decided to move.  I need city life breathing around me, not a dishwasher.  It’s really about location, not amenities (though the dishwasher is definitely a plus, and I’m sure my nails will agree).

We will continue to grow as individuals and as a couple no matter where we live, and this new apartment will easily become our new home since what makes it our “home” is really us, but leaving our first apartment together behind is bittersweet.  It’s a good thing we’re taking all the best things about our first apartment together with us.



  1. The guest room awaits me! AND that rose garden. I must go.

  2. Um. YES. I can't wait to have you visit. Vineyards, too, baby! :-D Can't wait for the warm weather. You'll love it up here.

  3. Oh man, exciting! Bet you can't WAIT to get back to civilization. Congrats! That's a huge step towards more happiness.

  4. Yes! Super excited. I'm so looking forward to having a local watering hole and good restaurants again. <3 Definitely a huge step forward. :)