Monday, March 28, 2011

Vacation... Sorta.

I'm back home in CT after a nice week away from life.  I'm feeling that Sunday depression I've heard many people talk about...  It's hard going back to work after vacation regardless, but when you know you're walking into a shit-show, it makes it even harder.

Anyhoo, it was a nice vacation for the most part.  We made it down to Baltimore on Saturday for a great night out with tons of friends.  It was everything I was hoping it would be.  We started out at Rx Bistro for a quiet dinner with Whit, Randy and Emmy and Jello.  I was fond of the food.  Their wings were the best thing I had there, but apparently their pulled pork BBQ sammy was yummy enough to stab a hobo for.  After a nice dinner of catching up and lots of laughs, we headed to the old Waterfront where we met up with tons of faces I miss terribly.  I loved sharing the night with Justin B and Leah's Bday throw-down and got to see Kuntz and Soph (up from DC and down from Philly), Billy and Shannon came up and of course, all the Bmore regulars.  We moved on to Max's when it got too hot and finished out the evening there.

Lil' Miss Charlie
I had a BRILLIANT brunch on Sunday with Ms. Charlie Russel (and Em and J and Sara, but who's counting ;-)  GOD, she's grown.  I fucking adore this child.  She literally had me in tears over my omelette when she refused to swallow the food she was being fed, and instead created an eruption of sweet potato mash-- like a GEISER!  She's like a little Jackson Pollock-- the table cloth (luckily plastic) and Sara and I looked like one of his canvases.  I couldn't stop laughing...  I know it's bad to encourage that sort of behavior, but I couldn't help it.  I had tears streaming down my face.  I adore this child.

After brunch, we headed down to my parent's house.  We had a fantastic dinner at home with my whole fam and my grandmother.  Sweet ass steaks on the grill.  Man, it was nice.  It's always great to see my fam, and it was really nice to have Dan there, this visit.  The timing kinda blew because it was during the week and my parent's had to work during the days, but we got to relax and bond with the amazing Mr. Petey.  He is amazing and tiny and wears himself out playing fetch, then passes out on anyone who will pet him.  He goes completely limp.  He slept with us each night.  It was nice to have company in the bed.

Petey asleep in Dan's arms

We got to lunch with one of my favorite ladies, Linsey Shelton (great lunching with a fellow foodie-- order like there's no tomorrow and weight doesn't matter), and grab drinks with another favorite person of mine, Mr. John Wall.  So much fun.  They are both the types of friends of mine that will always be there for me (and vice versa, of course) and no matter how much time has passed since we've seen each other, it feels like it was just yesterday.  We don't skip a beat.  I love it.  To fill one of our days, we headed to my mom's work to shoot some guns.  It was really a blast.  Dan and I aren't bad, by the way.  Pretty F'in accurate.

We headed back to Bmore Wednesday to have lunch and drinks with Patty (my savior) and visit all my old work friends and for Whit's bday.  We had a yummy din din and then went out and had a really fun night.  Especially playing dice at J-Rad's!  Super fun (for the most part - aside from one quite rude individual in the party).  We left Bmore on Thursday to head back to CT to pack after a nice brunch with Whitty.

Fuzzy wallpaper in the Regal Beagle bathroom

Friday, we headed to Boston to see glassjaw (which was kind of a let-down) and had a totally delicious dinner at this joint called The Regal Beagle (yes, like Three's Company).  Holy crap-- thank you, Yelp.  It was really really yummy.  It was my favorite part of vacation until today.

Today, I got up, went to the gym (soaking up the BEAUTIFUL sunny weather on the way there and back), then treated myself to a TRENTA black unsweetened iced tea (the new size is actually bigger than my head), showered when I got home, had a nice little sammy with Dan, then we headed to The Spa of Essex to cash one of Dan's V-Day gifts to me-- A couple's massage!!  It was a gorgeous 40 minute ride to the spa, surrounded by mountains.  I had a male masseuse who had magic hands.  I haven't had a massage in years and it was just as good as I remembered.  After the massage, they take you to the relaxation room that had these way over-sized amazing chairs that you just sink into.  I could have stayed there the remainder of the day, but we headed to Dan's parent's for a glass of wine, then to dinner for hibachi steak.  Mmmmmm.

The Spa at Essex view from the back
Happy me post-massage

Anyhoo-- I wish it were more of a vacation, but my work ethic and there being a million things piled on my plate at work made it very hard for me to relax and enjoy it...  Ah, well.  It all ends tomorrow.  *le sigh*  Hello, Sunday depression.


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  1. ! Jason and I went shooting yesterday. And that cat... I WANT IT.