Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Date

It's been a wonderful (long) weekend.  I've really done well with my diet and exercising aside from my date night Saturday with Dan to the Japanese steakhouse that's close to our apartment (and even then, I wasn't over by MUCH).  We've been before and really enjoyed it and I got a sweet groupon deal for it, so decided to make a date night out of it.

Since I rarely get out (sad, but true), I wanted any excuse to dress up a bit.  I just got these adorable over-the-knee wintery Free People socks, along with a great knit wool hat by Coal from (really getting into the fun winter accessories up here in the north).  How do you make such tall socks work in winter?  Like this:

I rocked tights under the short sweater dress, then hiked those puppies up.  I loved the look, so now I'm going to buy more short sweater dresses.  :)

Anyhoo, we headed out to the restaurant.  I was very excited about a romantic night since Dan had to work overnight Friday night AND Sunday all day.  We were seated first at the large table around the hibachi grill.  Slowly 3 couples filled in the rest of the seats and we started to realize that they were all a group meeting there for dinner.  The first thing we noticed was that they were there because of the groupon.  They were very upset that they couldn't use two of the groupons on one check.  They immediately agreed to all be on separate checks.  That was fine, but what I noticed right away was that the girl furthest from me couldn't let anything go.  She was pissed that they couldn't use more than one groupon per check and let the poor waitress know it.  She then complained some more after the waitress had left, and found more and more to complain about as the dinner progressed.  Surprisingly, she wasn't the worst at the table when it came to complaints.

As dinner went on, I figured out that the couple seated closest to me were the parents of the complaining girl and the husband in the second couple, who also found plenty to complain about (his sprite was flat, for one).  The father of the complaining "children" (who were in their 30s) had maybe...  never been out to eat before?  Certainly not to a Japanese steakhouse, which he was very open about.  He was joyful and reminded me of a child because of how curious and easily amused and impressed he was at every new piece of information he found out about his upcoming dining experience by ogling the surrounding tables with chefs in action.  Grinning ear to ear with eyes wide as saucers, "THEY THROW FOOD AT YOUR MOUTH??!"  The child-like bewilderment was quickly cut off by a mean scratchy voice.  "You are a fucking asshole.  You know how fucking stupid you sound?  You're making a fucking fool out of yourself."  It was his wife.

I had never heard such language in a restaurant - by anyone other than teenagers craving attention.  I felt so bad for the husband.  He really enjoyed the experience and the meal.  Poor guy...  Makes me wonder what happens to the poor dear if he ever really accidentally screws something up at home.  :-/  Yikes.

Dan made sure to make lots of fun of the situation to make me slightly less uncomfortable sitting at the table right next to the constant stream of degrading remarks flowing from that evil woman.

We came home, snuggled a lot, played lots of Rock Band and watched lots of Mr. Show.  It was a perfect date night.  :)

Sunday, I was very productive.  Gym, shopping for things to redecorate the bathroom that has bothered me since the first day we moved in and finally buying a frame for my Charmain Olivia print Whit got me for xmas!!  I love it to pieces.  Birds, and also a loaded statement for where I find myself in sooooo many ways.

"Yes You Have" - Charmain Olivia Illustration
 I also figured out my Valentine's Day present plans...  Can't wait for that.  :-)

Also, I had a new experience...  went to the movies alone.  I saw Black Swan.  How did I like the movie?  That will be my next post...


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