Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I got to do something unusual.  I woke up, got myself ready for work and right as I was about to throw my yogurt into my bag, I got a text from my co-worker (and friend), Heather, telling me she say in traffic for over an hour to get to work (which is about 15 minutes away from her house).  I decided to check the traffic report and saw that the entire route from my house to work was red and pulsating on the map.  Even the alternate route was red and angry.  I decided to wait it out at home instead of bringing my shitty old car out onto the snow-covered highways and become just another accident backing up traffic for miles.

Instead, I put the yogurt back in the fridge and cracked two fresh eggs from Dan's parent's chickens, popped a piece of light rye toast in the toaster and cut up two little tomatoes.  Holy yum.  Usually I add a bit of Dan's mama's homemade raspberry/blueberry jam on the toast, but since I've joined Lose It! I've been very careful of what I've been putting into my food hole.

272 Calories of pure YUM.
My usual breakfast is a Chobani fat free yogurt (flavors vary) with some Special K cereal (flavors vary) sprinkled into it and a medium cup of coffee with a turbo shot and cream from Dunkin' Donuts. That adds up to 225 daily.  Was the picture above worth the extra 47 calories?  You bet your sweet ass it was.

What was NOT so unusual today was waking up to this shitty snow we keep having.  I get it.  I live in Connecticut, now.  Enough.  I got the picture after the 28" on snow that was dumped on us two weeks ago (which is all still here), then the 6-8" we've gotten since then.  We're getting more tomorrow evening.  I'm willing to bet I won't be able to get up my driveway again tonight considering I couldn't see it when I left at 11:30am to come to work today:

My driveway (?) through my windshield this AM.
I really can't wait for Spring and Summer for so many reasons...  I would give just about anything to wake up to waves crashing on a beach tomorrow morning...  A girl can dream...  Lord knows I do most of the time I'm awake these days...


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