Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Eve...

I remember back in high school, I drew a huge winter scene on my geometry teacher's chalk board with a snowman and a big banner saying, "MERRY XMAS!!" and I got yelled at.  "How dare you take the "Christ out of "Christmas!!"  It was the first time I had ever thought that that could remotely be considered anti-christian or offensive.  I had seen this elsewhere-- in advertising, even.  At worst, I thought it was a way of saying "Happy holidays" to include all faiths that would be celebrating time with loved ones on the same day.  Apparently some people really take it to heart which has me (an atheist) very cautious about using it. Now, I usually say, "Happy Holidays!", but I really mean no disrespect when I say "xmas"...  So I think I'm gonna bring it back this year.  Woot.

Anyhoo, that was a total side-note.

I wanted to posted a Happy Holiday message and since I'm at the airport super early, I figured now would be a good time.  Dan and I aren't spending the 25th together, unfortunately, but we had a beautiful day.  I really do love that boy to death.

We say:  HAPPY XMAS!

(Oh!  And so does The BBC - Baby Buttcheeks)

I know I should have posted this BEFORE xmas, but I only recently started using mine again.  It's perfect if you're a reader and your partner falls asleep before you!  It's a lightwedge!  They have them in all different sizes and ones that magnify and all that jazz.  I love it.

Find yours HERE!
And on that note, I'm going to whip out my David Sedaris - "Season's Greetings!" and wait to board my flight.  SO looking forward to time with fam and friends (and blue cheese mushroom soup!!!!)  :)

Happy holidays, once again.  One and ALL.


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