Thursday, December 16, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Currently) Ver. 01

Things I'm loving right now?

01.  Sephora Nail Lacquer.  Every time I look down at my nails, I smile.  I bought Sephora's "L29 - Teeny Bikini" Nail Lacquer on a whim thinking I was getting a mint green.  It is the exact Tiffany's blue/green color and I'm in love with it.  It's also GREAT quality.  I can't keep OPI nail polish on my fingernails for more than 1 day without lots of chipping, but this has lasted 3!  I am obsessed and highly recommend it, but I don't think their colors on the site show very accurately.  A Tip?  Type in the color and brand into google images and people post pics of their already painted nails holding the bottle to show true-to-color.  :)  Get it HERE!!!

02.  Sunday nights.  I love Sundays because we always have fun TV to watch and because it's always just Dan and I hanging out and relaxing for the most part.  The Xmas spirit is alive in our house on Sunday nights and I'm loving it.  See if you can find:

  • Hot Chocolate (for him)
  • Choco chip cookies (for him)
  • Ginger snap thins (for her)
  • Red Wine (South American Malbecs are my new obsession)
  • Steak knife leftover from our steak dinner
  • Xmas card from my parents
  • OPI (Jade is the New Black)
  • Netflix (How to Train Your Dragon - haven't watched it, yet.  Probably Sunday)
03.  Beach House - The band.  Man, I can't believe I never knew about these guys.  They're from Baltimore, MD and they're great!  Check them out here:  I recommend listening to "Gila" and "Master of None" first (that's what I did at Chase Lisbon's twitter suggestion), then download their albums.  They're really great and chill and perfect for winter.

04.  CT Sunsets.  This is my view on my drive home each day...  guess I should be grateful for this (Click to enlarge):


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