Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's (indeed) A Wonderful Life

Mama and I
This holiday was the best, yet.  Wow.  So many people in high spirits.  It was astonishing to me to see the amount of people (family and friends) with smiles plastered on their faces, and zero negativity.  It was like I had stepped in to an alternate universe.  I don't know if there was something in the crispness of the winter air or the fact that it was snowing Christmas weekend or the new babies that were around, but every person I came in contact with was glowing.

Baby Sam and I
It was only after I realized how surprised I was at the happiness that I realized how negative things usually are.  If you're going in expecting things to be down, then they probably usually are.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe I'm not the only one on this journey...

And I don't mean 'negative' necessarily in a complete downer, depressing situation-- I mean, a lot of people I know (including myself) use sarcasm and complain about things for comedy's sake.  There just seemed to be none of that.  There are serious health problems going on and still people spoke about their medical issues with hope.  Same with jobs-- almost everyone you ask has something to complain about when discussing your career situation...  This time, it was more of a "I have no real reason to complain" type of an answer.  It was just an overall refreshing experience.  It made me want to go back home, not fly back to CT and never return (like my Thanksgiving trip had traces of...)
Me and my sister

I got to meet my new baby cousin and visit with my family and friends (and pets).  I laughed so hard that I cried at Johnny Rad's with Emmy and Whit.  It was an all around great trip.


Emmy <3

The full loop
The Mexi-stache
The Dali
This year's Christmas visit is going to be hard to top...

Much love to all.  I hope your holidays were stellar.


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