Tuesday, October 4, 2011

High Roller Weekend

This weekend was pretty fab.  I got to spend it with Dan, Adina and my little sister, I went to the "So You Think You Can Dance?" tour, bowled at a luxury bowling alley, tried a real martini for the first time (and loved it), and gambled away $200 foolishly.  It was a fucking blast.

The SYTYCD tour couldn't have come at a better time because since the season has ended, I have been bummed about my Wednesday night TV.  There's been nothing to look forward to.  It sounds silly, but that show really helped me over the hump mid-week.  Not only was it impressive and beautiful to watch, but it inspired me creatively and physically...  I miss having it around.  The tour was far better than the one Adina and I went to a few years back in Bmore.  It was wall-to-wall dancing with seamless transitions between numbers.  They did all of my favorites (even the ones that didn't feature the top 12 dancers).  They did the Jeff Buckley routine and I cried.  Not because of the actual dance (because it wasn't executed nearly as well as when the original dancers performed it), but because I got to hear Jeff Buckley's guitar and voice in this amazing theater with wonderful acoustics.  LOUDLY.  I was moved.  Needless to say, I had goosebumps throughout the entire show, but by far my favorite performance was Melanie's solo (You can see it here - it starts at the 2:30 mark and is the best version I could find at the moment).  She's by far the best dancer they've had on that show.  She can do it all.

The luxury bowling was out of this world.  We ate really fancy food there for dinner pre-bowling (though you can eat while bowling at your fancy table and leather couches) and Dan and I got one free game each for checking in on foursquare.  The drinks were absolutely delicious (martinis and bloody marys), there were massive projector TVs at the end of each lane (alternating between music videos and sports - Daft Punk's "Technologic" came on and I danced and Mandy was terrified by the video), sexy ghost gray leather couches to lounge on in between rolls, and chandeliers lining the alley.  It was perfect.  We danced.  A lot.  It was only the four of us and we had an absolute BLAST.  I want to go back to Foxwoods again just for the bowling.  It spoiled me.  Regular bowling will never be the same...

The other plus about Foxwoods was that when I got home, I realized I didn't have my vintage gray leather jacket my aunt found for me at an antique shop (it's probably from the 50's if I had to guess) years ago.  I was beyond bummed.  I had already decided that it wouldn't be turned in to a lost and found if they even had one, and if so, how would I get it back?  It's an hour away and I was sure they wouldn't hold it for me for long.  I decided to call the lost and found number, anyway, just so I felt like I tried.  Surprisingly, I was transferred to an older gentleman who was perky and eager to help.  I gave him my room number and he said, "black jacket?" and I said, "well, it's gray leather, but yes!  That's mine!"  He said, "yep!  We've got it."  And I told him he made my night.  He then asked for my address so he could ship it to me.  I asked how much it would cost and he told me not to worry.  That they'd take care of everything.  I was floored.  I guess that's what you get when you stay at a posh hotel, but it also kind of made me sad to think of how defeated I was before even calling.  There wasn't a GLIMMER of hope in my mind.  Customer service is such shit nowadays, and people are so dishonest, it's hard to believe anyone would do anything kind for a stranger these days.  Pretty sad.

Also, when I went to check in, they didn't have the room I booked reserved for me.  She told me she had the reservation, but they didn't have any room with 2 queen beds at all.  They could give me a king with a rollaway bed.  I told them that could maybe work, then she informed me the only room they had was on a smoking floor.  I told her it was unacceptable.  I had made a reservation for a room with two queen beds on a non-smoking floor.  Not only did they have zero rooms (on smoking OR non) with two queen beds available, but now they ONLY had rooms on a smoking floor.  I get sick when I'm around smoke for a while.  Even being in the casino really bothered me.  I was sneezing and had an itchy and sore throat and headache that night and the next day, and they wanted me to also sleep in that mess?  No way.  The room was NOT cheap.  After asking to speak with the manager, then waiting for 10 mins, then asking again and informing them that I wasn't going to be paying $300 to sleep in smoke that was going to make me sick, they finally had the awkward gal at the desk "find me" a non-smoking king room...  All of a sudden one just appeared?  Anyway...  that didn't really encourage any optimism when noticing I had left my leather jacket behind...

All was well, however.  Dan, Mandy and I all slept in the king bed and Adina got the rollaway bed.  She told us all a bedtime story, and then everyone fell right asleep...  except for little old me who forgot my sleeping meds at home.  Ah, well.  The night was worth it.  I'm so lucky to have Adina, Dan and good family in my life.  They really all keep me going.  It was nice on Saturday to forget about my pain for a few hours and wouldn't have been possible without them.

This month is hellishly busy.  Every weekend we have something going on (two weddings, Louis CK, parents visiting, and Halloween) and work is...  insane.  Not fun insane, either.

October is always the best month, though, and this past weekend helped reenforce that.  Yay for October!


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