Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Putting It Out There

After an 11 hour shoot day, I drug myself home to pile on a new coat of under eye makeup, powder and a sweep of blush to try to hide some of the zombie green that was settling into my skin for the evening.  I grabbed the tray of veggies I cut up the previous evening, the tri-flavored hummus platter and two bags of pita chips I snagged from the grocery store Sunday and got right back into my car to head to a stranger's house.

I've gotten a little ballsy since I moved to CT.  I've had to be...  moving at all took some balls, but in order to meet new people at 27, find a new job with no real networking connections, and fill out the rest of my life that needs a little padding, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and do some things that scare you or that you're not incredibly comfortable with.

One thing that was a necessity was finding a new local doctor/specialist to help me deal with my next steps in dealing with my endometriosis.  While sitting in the waiting room, nervous, I scanned the room for pamphlets, magazines, posters of uteri and fliers--anything at all to take my mind off of a new set of doctors, nurses and fellows that would be acquainting themselves with my nether regions.  There was a flyer on the wall--one lone white 8x10 piece of paper with an email address and the words, "Endometriosis Support Group.  If interested, please contact ___".  I took a picture of the flyer and decided to email the address later in the week.  2 months passed and I never heard back.

I had really forgotten about the whole situation until May 27th when an email arrived from a gal named Julie introducing herself and explaining that she was the contact on those fliers and had been swamped with work, but had free time, now, and wanted to devote some of it to finally getting this group together. She explained her own diagnoses and a little about herself and offered to host the first meeting at her house and gave a list of dates and times to choose from.

After a few emails back and forth introducing ourselves to each other, the day was set, and we all brought (way too many) appetizers to share.  There were 4 of us total (a fifth that didn't reply), and we all spent a few hours getting to know one another, sharing tips, stories and concerns with one another.  It was almost scary how quickly we all were bonded by this disease, which, by the way, wasn't the only thing we talked about.

I'm sure that some of these girls will become friends that I hang out with outside of our little group.  It was really a wonderful evening filled with great conversation, food and wine, and I couldn't be happier that I stretched outside of my comfort zone.  I really got to meet some extraordinary women because of it.


Next stop:  Portugal!  I (unapologetically) ripped off Kelle Hampton's new bathing suit and I couldn't be more thrilled with it.  Super retro/pin-up (with a detachable halter strap).  It's yellow with white polka dots, but you can't tell from the shitty pic.  Also, got my first Victoria's Secret swimsuit top (helllooooo, tittays) and a swim skirt from Popina (same place as the one piece) because my least favorite part of my body is right where that swim skirt covers.  Hopefully this will be the most comfortable I've been in beachwear in a while...  I also spent a good amount of money on skirts and sundresses.  I'm looking forward to sun and culture...  Hoping for relaxation and a good amount of time with Dan.

Top: VS, Skirt: Popina
This week has been incredibly stressful work-wise, and I've gotten very little sleep.  Hopefully the next update will be from a far more relaxed gal.  :)


P.S.  I'm totally obsessed with this song "Ambling Alp" by Yeasayer.  Give it a listen on my playlist (turn up your speakers!!).

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