Friday, July 8, 2011


My attempt at light painting "Love <3"

fireworks - plural of fire·work (Noun)
1. A device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations.
2. A display of fireworks.

Let's see.  "Spectacular explosion" pretty much sums up a couple of moments I've had in the past month.  Not all of them were spectacular in the traditional sense, but all of them have had pretty spectacular endings.  I've been working through some tough times while trying my very best to keep a positive outlook.  It's the whole keeping things in and how toxic that can ultimately be.  I'm usually very good about being open and honest with how I'm feeling, and mostly am except for certain topics that I think, as women, we are trained and taught not to discuss.

Dan's "LOVE"
How many times have you heard "the best way to scare off a guy is to bring up the "M" word"?  Or "want a guy to run?  Mention having kids someday."  What's scary is that when we actually reach the point in our lives where kids and marriage become more realistic possibilities, we should not still be sitting and nodding quietly when the topics are brought up.  I got a much deserved slap on the wrist when these topics recently came up with the man I'm planning my future with.  I've always been silent when it comes to those things, no matter what I'm actually thinking or wanting, because I was always told it would it would be something no one would ever want to hear if they were lacking a vagina.  On top of that, I used to surround myself with women who pressured (to put it nicely) their (now) husbands to propose.  After spending a good amount of time with those ladies, I decided it was probably why the divorce rate is as high as it is, and that I wanted to be the complete opposite of them.  I guess instead of talking about it with each breath, I took the complete opposite stand and never let the ideas pass my lips.

As Dan put it, talking about the future is a nice thing like when children talk about their dream jobs or anyone talks about their dream home...  it's okay to dream a little and think about what the future holds (even if it's terrifying like marriage or children).

R+D in a heart...  sorta.  :)
Anyhoo, the lesson learned is that to diminish fireworks in the future, always be open and honest, and even when you slip up and let all those frustrations build up and you combust, at least appreciate when you have someone spectacular to help you put the pieces back together...  I certainly do...

There will be ups and downs, but at long as we are with people we can share both with, I think we'll all be okay.


P.S.  As far as our fourth, it was low-key.  Lovely day full of bbq, swimming, a bonfire and fireworks.  I also took the opportunity to do some light paintings with our sparklers.  Cheers!


  1. Fireworks have a very positive connotation, so I wouldn't say diminishing them is a very good idea.

    On that note: love the first picture!

  2. That's a very true point. I'd get bored if there were no fireworks (good or bad). I don't think I could stop them from popping up occasionally if I tried. :)

    Thanks for the photo compliment. It was lots of fun. :)